To Serve is To Love.

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Yesterday afternoon and well into the night (I think I stopped at about midnight), I cut and weeded and filled envelopes with a massive pile of (r)evolution decals that I’m sending out to anyone who asks for one, only asking that they be good humans in return (much gratitude to Calie for all the help with the weeding ❤️❤️)

While I was doing that, I was printing postage on envelopes for the Democratic committee in my county. I can only print them 10 at a time or my printer has a hissyfit, so I spent the evening loading, printing, counting, and repeating.

On the decal side of the table, I was cutting, weeding, applying the clear top layer, shoving them into envelopes, messaging people for addresses, printing labels, and repeating.

All of this got me thinking about the importance of acts of service.

If we’re going to evolve as a society, we have to start looking outside of our own little microcosms and find ways to serve each other. This doesn’t have to be a huge momentous thing – huge changes are sparked by single events. The proverbial straws that break the proverbial camels.

Where do you have a spare hour in your day? What can you fill that time with? I don’t have the answers, really, but, if my tiny county has needs that volunteers can fill, I’m sure yours does, too, and a huge number of them aren’t “boots on the ground” opportunities.

There are letters to write, calls to make, envelopes to stuff. There are sandwiches to fix, books to shelve, trash to pick up. There are kids to mentor, seniors to feed, knowledge to share.

What is your area of expertise? How can you share your wisdom? How can you busy your hands to empty someone else’s hands? If you take the burden of a small thing that someone else is juggling, it frees them up to take a small thing from someone else, and on and on. How can we distribute the burden? How can to take on a small inconvenience to make room for bigger things?

Sebastian said it best last night when I was talking about the struggles I was experiencing with the postage printing and how the organizer I’m working with said not to worry about it if it was going to be a huge pain, and how it was a pain but I was doing it anyway.

His response was (I’m paraphrasing), “isn’t that the point? You don’t volunteer because it’s convenient. It’s doing something inconvenient to help someone else.” Exactly. My minor inconvenience is going to free up time for a handful of people and save money for the committee.

This post has more questions than answers, but it’s worth considering.

Acts of service are acts of love.

Hold onto hope. Hold onto each other. Evolve.

I love you. ❤️

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