I have difficulties with TIME.  I am easily distracted by nature, even more so now that I’m starting the crawl towards menopause.  The sieve that was my brain has now become a bottomless bucket, and I spend more time pacing around trying to remember what I was doing than actually doing anything.

Does this sound familiar?!

I spend a lot of time saying, “I should do yoga,” and then getting distracted to the point that I spent my entire week away from teaching not doing any yoga when I should have been spending that time expanding my practice while NOT being distracted with planning classes.  I spend a lot of time saying, “I am rife with anxiety, I should meditate,” but it doesn’t happen, and the thoughts just keep manically spinning in my brain.  I spend a lot of time saying, “I should shower,” even, and then just don’t.  Other things seem more important in the moment, and then those other things take over until I collapse into bed.

THIS is the thing that I, and a lot of other people, don’t think of as self-care, so I had a Come to Jesus with myself (i.e., a STERN TALKING TO) this week.

This should not be this difficult.  We should not struggle to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.  So, this is me today.  I spent time on the mat this morning.  Took a shower.  Loved that it took no time for my hair to dry after shaving it all off.  I’m dressed in clothes I didn’t sleep in, a multitude of mismatched stripes, wearing 4 different oil blends because I like to smell them when I move.  Taking ibuprofen for my tension headache.  Making a pot of tea so that I don’t spend the day sipping on half of a cold cup of coffee.

Encouraging YOU to take care of yourself.



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9 thoughts on “TIME

  1. I’m right there with ya Sister! My days are spent spinning in circles, making lists of things to accomplish, buying cute vessels and containers to organize my art supplies only to realize I now have more fabulous jars, tins, boxes and bins than I have supplies and I still have yet to fill them.
    Just the other day I was thinking how much easier it would be to get ready if I just shaved off all my hair! Everything you said you were going through is EXACTLY where I am…need to start doing yoga again, need to get up and get my day started, need to get something accomplished. Thank you for this post. It’s good to know I am not alone.

  2. Oh my gosh! How did you get hold of all of my thoughts, feelings and actions (or lack thereof)? Lol! 🥴

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