Lifebook Winner and September…

Do you remember?

Man.  That’s my favorite part of September.  Aside from my birthday, of course!  An excuse to listen to Earth, Wind & Fire every day, though?!  Sign me up!!


I have a winner for my Life Book Giveaway!  Through the magic of, I picked a comment number…

And through the magic of back-end comment numbering, I picked a winner!


Congratulations, fluidsign!  I’ve sent you an email and have emailed the lovelies at willowing to let them know!

I signed up to Blog Along with Effy during the month of September.  In true ME fashion, it’s now the 7th and I’m finally getting started.  Hey better late than never, amiright?!!

Yesterday I turned 43.  Since 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, I was a little bit sad to let it go, if I’m going to be honest.  It was also a full moon, which seemed auspicious, so I closed out my evening honoring my inner wild soul who demanded fire and sacrifice.  DON’T PANIC (ah, 42, how I’ll miss you).  I sacrificed corn.

I also painted a fun face.  Heheh those teeth <3

Getting older is weird, y’all.  My oldest child (20) has flown the coop, the other two (15 and 9) keep continuing to get older even though I keep telling them not to.  I feel like I’m still 20 some days (and other days I feel like I’m 150) and still mostly act like I’m 4.  It’s a weird conundrum.

But, happy new year to me.  I have goals to accomplish, work to do, love to spread, and songs that desperately need to be danced.  So scroll up, hit play, and we’ll dance in September.

Much Love,

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8 thoughts on “Lifebook Winner and September…

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Sarah! I hope it was a good one. And gracious, you are 20 years younger than me, I’m 63! 43 was a wonderful time. Enjoy these years. AND I not only love Earth, Wind and Fire but I have always loved the song September and really loved being able to listen to it with you today! Keep your heart light shining. You have so much to give! (And I am loving my stencils, thank you!) <3

  2. Happy Birthday to you………. Happy Birthday to you……… Happy Birthday lovely Sarah……… Happy Birthday to yooooooooo

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