Inspired by Yoga: Yes, Thanks

I’ve spent the last… five? days? (I think five days) trying to unbreak my website. This has been a lesson in patience (and drinking)

Today, FINALLY, it was at the point where it seemed like it could be actually edited without the google yelling at me about how my own website was trying to steal my information. Man. I didn’t even know I was a thief! I’m going to go hide my credit cards from myself.

don’t judge me. I like notes

Since it has been five days since I decided to actually fiddle with the site so that I could potentially, you know, actually use it, I’ve had lots of time to plan. Seriously, SO MANY NOTES.

Once I had the email notifying me that everything was DTF (I’m totally using that wrong), I started click-click-clicky-clicking to make all of my website dreams come true. Then, at 6:15, I realized OH CRAP I had to go teach a yoga class. Starting in 15 minutes. That I was totally not prepared for.

Well, shit.

I grabbed a book of themes off my shelf and opened it to a random page and found this:

Yes, Thanks.

I took that with me to class and talked about things that are uncomfortable, things that make you say, “..but..”, things like your website getting taken over by all sorts of random fuckery, things like your legs shaking after your second full minute in chair pose. We said, ‘Yes, thanks!’ to our burning, wobbly legs, ‘Yes, thanks!’ to our sore feet, ‘Yes, thanks!’ to all of the little annoyances, ‘Yes, thanks!’ to the cricket that wouldn’t stop chirping, ‘Yes, thanks!’ to our furrowed brow, our busy brains, our shallow breath.

Yes, Thanks.

So obviously you can’t ‘yes, thanks’ your way through a divorce or a move or a hurricane or chronic mental illness. You can, however, ‘yes, thanks’ your way through website issues and the line at the grocery store.

Breathe in. Yes. Breathe out. Thanks.

namaste, my dudes.

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1 thought on “Inspired by Yoga: Yes, Thanks

  1. Welcome back to blogland! I think we all have days like that, where we need to remind ourselves to see things not as problems, but as opportunities to learn something new or do something a different way than we were anticipating. Good to see you back! <3

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