Chronology Week 15 (I think?) – Bad Puppet!  BAD!

Greetings and salutations, lovelies!!

Here are your prompts!

This week I totally flubbed prompts (didn’t bother with a couple) and still managed to make a CRAZY LONG video (for Patreon!).  How does THAT even happen?

So I used ink.  A lot of ink.  I’m intimidated by painting with ink (I will never be intimidated again – that was AWESOME).

So much fun!  A combination between watercolor and acrylic.  It was pretty amazing.  I used the ink on the girl with her crazy crazy face.

For “bad puppet”, I couldn’t resist.

I mean, why wouldn’t I?!  For the “write about something in the news” prompt, I just wrote down a bunch of stuff he tweeted about.

I used a moon stencil to represent self care – sitting under a moon on my birthday enjoying a fire.

Obviously you can see the color scheme.  I was all over that one.  I need a better color scheme picker, though – I swear Coolors uses the same 12 colors.  Haha!

I skipped Lithe cause I was totally not feelin’ it.

That’s it for me, have a good week!



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