It’s been a while.  How’s the family? How’s that medical condition?  Did you do that thing?  I sure did!

My life the past few months has passed in a whirlwind of stress and stencil bits.  I really need to sweep.  Between finishing the teacher training for yoga, teaching yoga, expanding the business, working on finding my flow for Patreon (still working), and just being a general menace to polite society, it has been bananas crazy around here.

I’m determined to dust this thing off and spend more time painting, class-making, and tutorialing.  Which means less time binge-watching Top Chef (I’m also caught up but whatever… TOP CHEF MASTERS THO).

I miss blogging.  I miss shouting into the void.  HEY VOID I SEE YOU.  PUT THAT DOWN.

I’m currently stuck on this very angry Hekate.  Some stencils may need to be designed before I can finish her off.  She’s currently sitting next to me staring me down.  Send help.

I also have been designing stencils like there’s no tomorrow.  Last year at this time I was gearing up to do the 100 Days Project, deciding to design 100 stencils in 100 days.  I made it to the 40s and then lost my steam.  Maybe I’ll do it again this year (omg probably not…although I AM trying to figure out something I actually CAN accomplish.  100 days of procrastinating?  100 days of too little sleep?  100 days of origami cranes?).  I recently designed some sigils that make me super happy, though, 100 days or not.

They are available RIGHT NOW in my Etsy shop.  Just sayin.

Speaking of stencils…

I started a design team!  Holy hell!

You can read about it on the new blog right OVER HERE.  The team is amazing.  Yesterday I spent the day making graphics and writing posts and setting things up so that it can officially launch on April 1, and I found myself floating in this sea of awe and gratitude.  SUCH an amazing feeling, seeing people not only digging your stuff but also wanting to tell other people they dig your stuff.  I FEEL LIKE I’M NOT PEOPLE’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET ANYMORE.  That’s pretty huge.

This makes me laugh…

Okay with that, I’m out.

Keep your peepers peeped – new projects!  More mayhem!  PIE!*


*there is actually no pie.


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9 thoughts on “BRAINDUMP

  1. You make me laugh 🙂 So happy for all of your expansion & am loving your sigil.! Not to mention your awesome design team. Very fun to see you shine!

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